After their public debut in Vienna 1993, great enthusiasm developed between them to perform duo piano compositions that are written for both 2 pianos and piano four-hands. Since then they have made appearances presenting repertoire ranging from Bach to contemporary works.   Alongside masterpieces from celebrated composers, the piano duo performs four-hand piano arrangements of great orchestral works in addition to rarely heard and new discoveries.   Critical acclaim of both performers have ranged anywhere from “captivating virtuosi” to “rich soft tones”.

They have performed in various venues including prestigious Austrian Music Festivals such as “Wiener Klangbogen, Wiener Schubertiaden, Wiener Musikverein, Carinthischer Sommer”, as well as noticeable guest appearances in Germany, Bosnia and Spain.

The native Austrian duo studied piano at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg under Prof. Brian Lamport and Prof. Stan Ford as well as at the Musik-Universität Wien under Prof. Carlos Rivera-Aguilar and graduated from these institutions.

They participated in Master Classes conducted by J. Demus, K. H. Kämmerling, Elza Kolodin, and the piano duos Bauer-Bung, Uriarte-Mrongovius and Schreiber-Schelski.

Since 1996 they instruct piano at “Musikum” in Salzburg.